Annual Spiritual Breakfast

A morning of spirituality, service, recovery, fellowship and unity!

The 2020 Spiritual Breakfast has been cancelled 

The Spiritual Breakfast is cancelled and refunds are available.  If you have purchased a ticket for the 2020 Spiritual Breakfast, here are three options that are available:
  • Receive a personal refund
  • Donate your ticket money to A.A. World Services (G.S.O.)
  • Donate your ticket money another A.A. Service entity 

To receive a refund, or to donate, please contact the individual you purchased a ticket from and give them the table and ticket number.  Advise them of your wishes – refund or donation – and how they can contact you.  If you wish to donate the ticket money, the GS treasurer can submit the donation for you, under your group’s name.

All groups that donate will be acknowledged in a letter to AAWS, at years end.

Refunds will be distributed in December.

Thank you all for your support and we are looking forward to presenting this event at a later date.

The Annual Spiritual Breakfast is hosted by Rockland County General Service.

If you have questions or cannot contact your GSR or the individual you purchased the ticket from, please contact Spiritual Breakfast Chairs Wade M. or John B. using the form below.  As a last resort, contact the Rockland County GS Treasurer. 

Spiritual Breakfast Co-Chairs