What is a General Service Representative (GSR) and what do they do?

  • Participating home groups elect General Service Representatives (GSR).  New GSR Kit
  • GSRs attend monthly District Committee Meetings to share information about their groups and receive information from the Area and GSO from our District Committee Member Chair (DCMC) who is elected by the GSRs to represent all the groups in Rockland County at the Area Committee Meeting.
  • GSRs attend Area Assemblies where they share ideas and challenges related to their service commitments and receive help and support from other groups. They also represent their groups when voting to elect our Delegate, Area Officers, and make informed decisions on issues affecting how our Area carries the A.A. message, issues affecting AA as a whole, and how Seventh Tradition contributions are spent.
  • GSRs cooperate with and join the Rockland County General Service Standing Committees (Archives, Accessibilities, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Grapevine, Literature), Ad Hoc Committees (Spiritual Breakfast and Service Workshop) and the Intergroup Liaison to inform their groups and participate in service events at the county and Area level.

General Service Representatives  GSR Kit

General Service Representative Bootcamp 

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