Rockland County Virtual Meetings Committee (VMC)

“Modem to Modem or Face to Face, AA’s speak the language of the heart in all its power and simplicity.”
     –xxiv, Foreword to Fourth Edition, Alcoholics Anonymous

Virtual meetings have helped many to get and stay sober during these Crazy COVID times. They have truly become a valuable asset to the AA community as a whole. COVID or No COVID, Virtual Meetings are here to stay.

AND… The Virtual Meetings Committee (VMC) is here to help. VMC was formed during COVID quarantine to allow AA members to meet virtually and safely, to share their experience strength and hope with others while unable to attend face to face meetings. As we move forward, VMC is here to help virtual meetings grow and stay, even Post-COVID.

Learning to “Zoom Around” is easier than you think. If you are unsure of how to start or host a virtual meeting, we have training options available. Even if you are already attending an online meeting and would like to be of more service at that meeting, we have training options for that as well. Anyone can do it, so reach out below if you would like help with how to do service at Virtual Meetings. One on one help is available among other resources.

If you are part of an in-person group that simply would like to add a virtual component, we can help. If you are thinking of starting a brand new wholly virtual group, we can help. If you want to bring a virtual meeting to a jail, hospital, or institution (rehabs, nursing homes, or other closed communities), we can help. Please submit your request for assistance in the form below.

Our available resources include:

-Zoom: Training and How to set up an Account

The Zoom website has different tutorials on how to use their platform for meetings (if you choose to use Zoom as your meeting platform). You can find those tutorials at (this is an outside link, we are not affiliated) 

We also have one-on-one training options available if you would prefer walking through the whole process with a Friendly Fellow AA.

Sample Meeting Scripts

The VMC can help you brainstorm your scripts or provide some examples at the same time honoring AA traditions. These scripts will be provided in the spirit of assistance and are suggestions only. Each group makes its own decisions about their standard script used to run its meetings by their own Group Conscience. Our ​example scripts cover general procedures only and would need to be edited for your specific meeting format.

“With respect to its own affairs, each AA group should be responsible to no other authority than its own conscience.”  (Tradition Four, long form, quoted in part)

Access to Literature 

AA World Services continues to process literature orders during this time.

Please contact the A.A.W.S. Order Department at 212-870-3312 or email or visit the online store at
There is also a literature order page that can be found on Rockland County AA’s Literature Committee page
You can also read Online for free at:

-Virtual Meeting Speakers

If you are in need of a speaker for a virtual meeting that you attend or host, please reach out on the form below. There are people willing to speak virtually and a list is being formed that can be referenced to fit your needs. OR if you are willing to be a virtual speaker, please fill out the form below.

Welcoming the Newcomer Virtually

Do you remember walking into your first AA meeting? Now, imagine going to your first meeting online… A warm welcome to the Newcomer is essential in the Virtual World. Having a greeter and opening your meeting early, and encouraging fellowship for some time after the meeting, can help your group welcome first timers in the virtual world.

Virtual Sponsorship

If your meeting would like to recognize members willing to serve as a sponsor, prospective sponsors may use the raise hand function. Some groups open up the Chat box for this purpose and allow prospective sponsors to put their name and contact details in the Chat box. This policy should be discussed in the Group Conscience.

Good things to remember about virtual meetings…

While attending Virtual meetings, please remember our traditions of anonymity and respect the anonymity of others. Please refer to  Anonymity Online and AA Guidelines Internet.

Open meetings are open to all, closed are for members of Alcoholics Anonymous or those who believe they have a drinking problem. If in question, please visit our pages Is AA For You? and About AA.

If you are looking for a list of current Rockland County Virtual Meetings, please visit the Rockland County Virtual Meeting page.

To contact the Rockland County Virtual Meeting Committee with any questions, to start doing service with this committee, or for training or access to any of our resources, please use the contact form below. We look forward to meeting you “Modem to Modem.”

Contact the Rockland County Virtual Meetings Chair