RC Intergroup Committee Meeting – is now HYBRID – St. Stephens Church, 84 Ehrhardt Road and Pearce Pkwy, Pearl River on the first Tuesday of the month at 8:00 PM.

RC General Service will not meet in July and August – Have a nice summer

September 15 – General Service: The deadline for submission of a potential Agenda item has been moved up: from December 15th in prior years to September 15th effective this year.  Since our next Assembly is September 11th, that will be the one chance for the Area to put forward proposed agenda items.

Sept 1 – The next Booker’s Meeting will take place Sept 1 – time and place TBD


THERE IS A SOLUTION is meeting Saturday 6pm in person at Tappan Reformed Church

STEP BY STEP GROUP Tuesday Beginners at 7:30 now in-person at St. John the Devine Episcopal Church.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE will add an in-person BB meeting meet on Wednesdays at 12 pm at Grace Episcopal Church.

CONGERS WOMEN’S MEETING Monday meeting switching from 10:30 phone to in-person at 12 pm at VFW Hall.

GRACE 3,7,11 in-person as of July 18 – Sundays at 8 am.

KEEP ON STEPPIN Wednesday at 10:30 am closed discussion now in-person

SLOATBURG GROUP Friday Open Beginners meeting at 7:30 pm is in-person as of July 9th.

3 IN 1 GROUP will now meet in-person on Wednesdays at 7 pm for beginners meeting; virtual is discontinued.

SUFFERN GROUP will return to in-person meetings as of July 3 – and will also hold a Tuesday virtual step meeting at 7:15 pm.

CONGERS BY THE BOOK will be physically reopening the Tuesday 6:30pm Big Book meeting and the Wednesday 6:30pm Beginners meeting.  Both will be Hybrid meetings.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE meets in-person Tuesday and Thurday at Grace Episcopal Church, Nyack

UNITY GROUP  Thursday 7:30 (beg. 6/24) pm and Saturday 10 am (beg. 6/19) will meet in-person and corresponding virtual meetings will end.

NEW CITY Closed Discussion at 10:30 am at United Methodist Church of New City now meeting in-person

GRAPEVINE Group will meet in-person and hybrid at the United Methodist Church of New City

CONGERS BY THE BOOK (Men’s) is meeting in-person Monday at 7:30 pm at First Presbyterian Church, Congers

STEP-BY-STEP Saturday at 9 am will meet in-person at Grace Episcopal Church, Nyack

SUNRISE GROUP is now hybrid – 7:30 am

CONGERS BY THE BOOK is now Hybrid on Monday at 6 pm (Women’s) and Thursday at 6:30 pm

As of Saturday, May 15, WEST NYACK GROUP F2F Meetings will move outside to the parking lot, weather permitting.

As of Saturday May 1 at 7:30 pm, FRIENDS BY THE FIRE will resume Face to Face meetings at Quaker Meeting Blauvelt, 60 Leber Rd, Blauvelt, NY.  Meetings will be Saturday only at 7:30 pm.

As of April 26, KEY TO SOBRIETY GROUP will meet virtually Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm

As of Sunday April 25, PEARL RIVER GROUP VIRTUAL MEETINGS will be discontinued.

As of April 11, NEW HORIZONS SUNDAY VIRTUAL will move from 9 am to 11 am.

As of Friday April 2 – BROAD HIGHWAY FRIDAY 8:30 PM will be in-person at Clarkstown Reformed Church, 107 Strawtown Rd, West Nyack

As of April 1, CONGERS WOMENS GROUP WEDNESDAY DAILY REFLECTION MEETING 11 AM – will be in-person at VFW Hall, 66 Lake Road, Congers


as of March 9  – NEW VIRTUAL MEETING – NEW HORIZONS Tuesdays at 7:15 pm, Beginner discussion


8 pm – INTERGROUP MEETING – HYBRID – First Tuesday of every Month (check calendar for address and meeting links)

7:30 pm – GENERAL SERVICE MEETING – Virtual – Third Wednesday of every Month (check calendar for meeting links)

THE 2020 SPIRITUAL BREAKFAST HAS BEEN CANCELED –  find out how to receive a refund or to donate the ticket money.

HOSPITALS & INSTITUTIONS –  Please contact H&I Chair if interested in volunteering.

MONTHLY NY STATE-WIDE YPAA MEETING – Virtual – third Tuesday of each month.