Good day Area 49!

The background for all agenda items is posted and the link to submit the questionnaire is now active.
Please remember to submit the questionnaire by 9pm April 6, 2024.

¡Buenos días Área 49!

El material de referencia de todos los puntos de la agenda está publicado y el enlace para enviar el cuestionario ya está activo.
Recuerde enviar el cuestionario antes de las 9 p.m. del 6 de abril de 2024.

Here are the links:

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Peace and Blessings,                                                            Paz y bendiciones,

Jo Ann M.                                                                               Jo Ann M.
Delegate – Area 49, Southeastern.                                     Delegada – Área 49, Sureste
New York (SENY), Panel 73                                                de Nueva York (SENY), Panel 73
Policy and Admissions                                                          Política y Admisiones

Newly printed and updated Meeting Lists are now available.
They are available at our Intergroup Meetings on the 1st Tuesday of each month.
See calendar for next meeting date.
Please use this link to contact the meeting list chair for other options to receive meeting lists.

I will be placing a Literature order within the next 2 weeks. Please let me know if you need books, pamphlets, audio, video, or shades. The complete literature listing can be found on


You can email your orders here, or use the website. ** Please note, the prices and calculations on our website are not correct. I am in the process of having them corrected. If you do not see an item listed on the order form, please email me here.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either via email or text.
Remember, you are not obligated to order with RCGS, but when you do, you receive the bulk discount Rockland receives and your group saves money on shipping costs.

Lisa M.
Literature Chair Rockland County-Panel 73 (2023-2024)
RCGSC-District 1000
SENY Area 49 


Step By Step Friday 7:30 pm  Closed Big Book ==>### Closed Discussion starting Jan 5th ###

New Light Group’s Wednesday HAS CLOSED – Wednesday 7:30pm at Central Presbyterian Church of Haverstraw

THERE IS A SOLUTION HAS CLOSED – Saturday 7pm at Tappan Reformed Church

PROMISES GROUP in Garnerville is in person, Saturday at 11 am – 28 Chapel St., closed discussion

The 3 in 1 GROUP of Pearl River had changed its name to JUST FOR TODAY and will continue having a beginners meeting on Wednesday’s at 7pm.


8 pm – INTERGROUP MEETING – HYBRID – First Tuesday of every Month (check calendar for address and meeting links)

7:30 pm – GENERAL SERVICE MEETING – Virtual – Third Wednesday of every Month (check calendar for meeting links)

HOSPITALS & INSTITUTIONS –  Please contact H&I Chair if interested in volunteering.

MONTHLY NY STATE-WIDE YPAA MEETING – Virtual – third Tuesday of each month.