2023 Spiritual Breakfast ~ Sunday, April 16th at 9am – Pearl River Hilton


Promises Group in Garnerville is in person, Saturday at 11 am – 28 Chapel St., closed discussion

The 3 in 1 GROUP of Pearl River had changed its name to JUST FOR TODAY and will continue having a beginners meeting on Wednesday’s at 7pm.

CONGERS BY THE BOOK Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 pm are in Person only, no virtual.

STEP BY STEP will meet F2F on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm at St John the Devine Church

LIVE AND LET LIVE- Closed LGBT+ All are welcome HYBRID Meeting on Sundays at 10 am at 28 South Franklin in Nyack

GRAPEVINE Saturday at 7:45 will move to 5:15 as of Sept 4

FOOTPRINTS GROUP will meet at United Methodist Church of Pearl River starting in September, same times and days.

THRUWAY MEN’S GROUP Sunday Night at 7pm – Closed Big Book now meeting at the Brick Church Parish Hall.

BROAD HIGHWAY GROUP moving to 7:30 pm starting Sept 3

ROCKLAND FREETHINKERS Tuesday at 6:30 pm, secular, rotating format is new, in-person

NYACK HUDSON RIVER Open Discussion Friday at 8 pm is now in-person

ANY LENGTHS Monday night meetings are now in person

PALISADES Closed Discussion meeting on Wed at 9 pm is now Hybrid

THERE IS A SOLUTION is meeting Saturday 6pm in person at Tappan Reformed Church

STEP BY STEP GROUP Tuesday Beginners at 7:30 now in-person at St. John the Devine Episcopal Church.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE will add an in-person BB meeting meet on Wednesdays at 12 pm at Grace Episcopal Church.

CONGERS WOMEN’S MEETING Monday meeting switching from 10:30 phone to in-person at 12 pm at VFW Hall.

GRACE 3,7,11 in-person as of July 18 – Sundays at 8 am.

KEEP ON STEPPIN Wednesday at 10:30 am closed discussion now in-person

SLOATBURG GROUP Friday Open Beginners meeting at 7:30 pm is in-person as of July 9th.

3 IN 1 GROUP will now meet in-person on Wednesdays at 7 pm for beginners meeting; virtual is discontinued.

SUFFERN GROUP will return to in-person meetings as of July 3 – and will also hold a Tuesday virtual step meeting at 7:15 pm.

CONGERS BY THE BOOK will be physically reopening the Tuesday 6:30pm Big Book meeting and the Wednesday 6:30pm Beginners meeting.  Both will be Hybrid meetings.

FREEDOM OF CHOICE meets in-person Tuesday and Thurday at Grace Episcopal Church, Nyack

UNITY GROUP  Thursday 7:30 (beg. 6/24) pm and Saturday 10 am (beg. 6/19) will meet in-person and corresponding virtual meetings will end.

NEW CITY Closed Discussion at 10:30 am at United Methodist Church of New City now meeting in-person

GRAPEVINE Group will meet in-person and hybrid at the United Methodist Church of New City

CONGERS BY THE BOOK (Men’s) is meeting in-person Monday at 7:30 pm at First Presbyterian Church, Congers

STEP-BY-STEP Saturday at 9 am will meet in-person at Grace Episcopal Church, Nyack

SUNRISE GROUP is now hybrid – 7:30 am

CONGERS BY THE BOOK is now Hybrid on Monday at 6 pm (Women’s) and Thursday at 6:30 pm

As of Saturday, May 15, WEST NYACK GROUP F2F Meetings will move outside to the parking lot, weather permitting.

As of Saturday May 1 at 7:30 pm, FRIENDS BY THE FIRE will resume Face to Face meetings at Quaker Meeting Blauvelt, 60 Leber Rd, Blauvelt, NY.  Meetings will be Saturday only at 7:30 pm.

As of April 26, KEY TO SOBRIETY GROUP will meet virtually Monday and Thursday at 7:30pm

As of Sunday April 25, PEARL RIVER GROUP VIRTUAL MEETINGS will be discontinued.

As of April 11, NEW HORIZONS SUNDAY VIRTUAL will move from 9 am to 11 am.

As of Friday April 2 – BROAD HIGHWAY FRIDAY 8:30 PM will be in-person at Clarkstown Reformed Church, 107 Strawtown Rd, West Nyack

As of April 1, CONGERS WOMENS GROUP WEDNESDAY DAILY REFLECTION MEETING 11 AM – will be in-person at VFW Hall, 66 Lake Road, Congers


as of March 9  – NEW VIRTUAL MEETING – NEW HORIZONS Tuesdays at 7:15 pm, Beginner discussion


8 pm – INTERGROUP MEETING – HYBRID – First Tuesday of every Month (check calendar for address and meeting links)

7:30 pm – GENERAL SERVICE MEETING – Virtual – Third Wednesday of every Month (check calendar for meeting links)

HOSPITALS & INSTITUTIONS –  Please contact H&I Chair if interested in volunteering.

MONTHLY NY STATE-WIDE YPAA MEETING – Virtual – third Tuesday of each month.