Approved revisions to the Rockland County Intergroup By-Laws

Rockland County Intergroup has recently updated the By-Laws.  The most recent approved change are posted here for  review.

Revision to the description of Young People Liaison has passed: 

Responsible for getting information on events that will occur in the tri-state area and bring the information to Intergroup to disseminate at Rockland County A.A. meetings. Will get events from: Intergroup, NYC YP (, New York State YP (, New Jersey YP of AA (,  and other Young People’s websites.  Interact and share information with other YP meetings in the area and bring back to Intergroup.  Tell Intergroup if there are any new YP meetings starting in the area.

Update: Works in conjunction with the public information committee to provide speakers to schools, colleges, youth recovery programs and other non-AA entities.

Update: Will coordinate with the Public Information Committee to approach said institutions and offer speaking commitments at non-AA entities.

The Following Mission Statement update to By-Laws was passed:  

Mission Statement of the Rockland County Virtual Committee:

  • Provide support and guidance to existing and startup virtual meetings in Rockland County.
  • Organize and hold virtual events.
  • Enhance accessibility to AA members unable to attend in-person AA meetings.

Rockland County Intergroup Secretary’s Page

The Intergroup Secretary keeps the minutes of the meetings, presents them at the next business meeting, and ensures that approved minutes are posted to the County website in a timely manner; maintains a list of current Intergroup members and quorum requirement; and is the custodian of the records.

The secretary also updates the bylaws found here: RCI By Laws

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