Please contact the Meeting List Chair by using this outline for information about any new meetings and/or all meeting changes.

Today’s Date:

Group Name:

Group Meets at:   Name of facility and address

Meeting Type (Please Circle)   F2F / F2F Hybrid / Virtual

Meeting Code: (Please Circle all that apply)

  • C-Closed
  • CD- Closed Discussion
  • B- Beginners
  • BB- Big Book Meeting
  • ST- Step Meeting
  • T- Traditions Meeting
  • P- Promises Meeting
  • L- Literature Meeting
  • OD- Open Discussion
  • OBS- Open Beginners Speaker
  • O- Open Speaker
  • WC- Access for Handicapped
  • YP- Young People
  • MR- Masks Required
  • F2F Face to Face
  • SD- Social Distancing
  • CT- Contact Tracing
  • TC- Temperature check

Modifying Meeting Day/Time:

New Meeting Day/Time:

Additional Meeting Focus: (Please Circle all that apply)

  • Daily Reflections
  • Living Sober
  • Young People
  • As Bill Sees it
  • Meditation

Zoom Hyperlink and Password:

Dial in Information and Password:

Meeting Location Notes: (Please Circle all that apply)
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bring Your own Literature
  • Bring Your own Drink
  • No Food or Drink
Additional Notes:

Group Contact info:


Contact the Meeting List Chair