Setting up or hosting a virtual meeting

We are compiling a list of virtual meetings in the area which we would like to share with other AA members.  If you would like to host a  virtual meeting, we will be happy to add the meeting to the meeting list so that others can join.

To add a virtual meeting to the list, please send the meeting information to the Rockland County Intergroup Chair using the link below.  Please include the following information and links.

Group Name
Contact/leader name
Contact Phone and email
Days of the week and times
Type of meeting – closed, beginner literature, etc.
Format – meeting url link,  Phone #, Meeting ID password

Some of the ways to protect your meeting space are:
  • mute all (and DO NOT allow participants to unmute themselves)
  • disable chat to everyone (allow chat with host only)
  • have a co-host to help
  • send anyone disruptive to the waiting room, report them to zoom, then remove them and they won’t be able to ever get back into your meeting
  • You also have the ability to set up the “virtual waiting room” and have someone screen participants before they can enter


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