AA Virtual Meeting Etiquette

1. Please remember that this is an AA meeting, behave as you would there.  Avoid cross-talk and try to limit distractions
2. If you cannot control the background while you attend, please block video.  Your kids, pets, parents, roommates are certainly entertaining, but better viewed on other platforms.
3. If you wouldn’t walk into an AA meeting dressed that way, please block video. Is your hair sticking in every direction, makeup misapplied, haven’t shaved for days, haven’t bathed for longer….these are all 100% acceptable, but please put on a shirt…. pants too or at least check your camera angle!!
4. Chairperson can mute all participants, but please mute yourself while you are listening to prevent accidental disturbances and please raise your hand to speak.
These are only suggestions. Your attendance is more important than anything
else. It is only together we can remain sober.